Tuesday, July 29, 2008

18 weeks....

We had an unofficial ultrasound on Fri. Alas, they weren't sure what it could be. So, we shall wait until Wed., Aug. 6th to find whether it will be blue or pink. The ladies didn't really give us any other info. It was mainly for us to get an extra picture. They did say that he/she was moving quite a lot. I have been feeling flashes here and there, but Jeff is not able to feel them on the outside yet.

Friday, July 25, 2008

17 weeks and counting

Jeff and I went to the Dr. yesterday for our monthly checkup. We were informed that everything is going swimmingly! This always makes me think, "How do you know? You haven't seen the baby!" I know that this is their job and they have been doing it for a very long time, so I try not to think that very often. Well, I finally hit the 100 lbs. mark! I thought Jeff was going to do a happy dance right there in the dr.'s office. Why he has been waiting for this moment, I don't know. The baby's heartbeat was 150, right where it should be. We chose not have the triple screen test at this time. We head off to the pregnancy care center today for a free ultrasound. We're not sure how much info. they will be able to give us since they are training students. Our hopes are high that they will be able to tell us the gender. I prayed all night that everything would be in its place and forming correctly! Wish us luck!