Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Ties

Friday Amber, Andrea, and I had a girls night since we cancelled bunko. We just sat and chatted about random things. We had a lovely day yesterday. Our little cousin had his first birthday party! We were able to visit with Jeff's family that we haven't seen all together in awhile. I love time with family and friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Another doctor's appointment today. We are 30 weeks and 4 days. Baby's heart rate-155. Mom's weight-no longer posting. The realization that we only have 10 more weeks of pre-baby is very scary! Doc. says everything is moving along as planned. "All the numbers look like they should." We are now going every two weeks, and will check the baby's weight at about 36 weeks. This will help us decide on natural or c-section delivery.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The weekend...

I made the most of the day on Saturday. Jennifer, Aunt Darlene, Addie, and I went to the Parent Palooza, the Shop and Stroll, and the Showcase of Homes. Addie was participating in the fashion show for Patty Cakes at the Parent Palooza. Very entertaining! Addie did a fabulous job! Other than the fashion show I can't say that I would attend again. There were only one or two booths that we were interested in. We had a tasty lunch at El Acapulco then headed to the Shop and Stroll. Again, this was a nice distraction, but not a very substantial shopping trip. Regardless of the futility we enjoyed browsing. Later, we made our way to the Showcase of Homes. There were some interesting floor plans and home design ideas. Jennifer found some ideas to help with choices for her new home, and I envied the ability to be creative. We all had a great time and were home sooner than we anticipated. Jeff and I were planning on attending the Brown's Halloween party. However, Jeff was still mowing the yard when I got home and then had to workout. Needless to say we were very late, and didn't arrive until everyone else was on their out. We got to mingle a little with the remaining guests, but missed almost everyone. Finally, a late night trip to get groceries at about 10:00 p. m. These spontaneous trips only remind me that soon it will all change and we will have to plan each and every outing that we take! Oh, the best part of this day was the house was presentable when I returned from town thanks to my lovely hubby! He does yards and laundry! Eat your hearts out ladies! I would be glad to rent him out for $100 a day.
Today was a brilliantly relaxing day! I worked on report cards for parent conferences on Tues., hung out with Jeff, and watched a movie or two! We spent some time sitting outside on the patio, enjoying this wonderful fall weather. I love this time of year. October, November, and December may be the busiest months, but they are my favourite!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Babies Galore!

Saturday was a day for family and all things baby. Jeff and I attended a family reunion on my side. There is nothing better than family, food, and fun! I love being a part of such a big family, and it is nice to get to make up for what I missed when I was younger, being away all those years. Aunt Linda is the master at these get togethers. She always does such a great job of making them memorable! We all laughed until our cheeks hurt as we watched the paternal members in what can only be described as the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, Cajun golf.

Later, Amber and I scooted off to town. Jace had his first haircut and I registered at Patty Cakes and Target. Hence, the baby palooza! It was alot of fun to register at Patty Cakes. They have such cute stuff, which makes it hard to choose, but still fun! I was glad to have Amber along at Target. When Jeff and I went we literally stood in front of most of the items with our mouths agape staring. It helped to have someone who actually has experience in these matters to give advice. Thanks a bunch girl!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Putting the crib together

Can you read those?

Now all we need is....everything else!

Give Me Some Sugar!

Besides being busy, busy, busy, we had a Dr.'s appt. on Sept. 30th. Everything was great, except the fact that my glucose test resulted in 165, 30 points over the tolerated 135. So, we scheduled another appt. for the 3 hour test today. At the end of the day my sugar was a proud 104. No gestational diabetes for this girl! Thank Goodness! The yucky orange drink was not as horrible as I imagined. However, I don't think I will be drinking an orange Fanta or Sunkist any time soon.

In other news....last week was homecoming at Wynne. This is always a fun, but crazy week at school. This year the primary teachers took part in the tutti ta and the cowboy. I thought you might like to see the two pregos, me and Shea, giving our best!

Last night Jeff and I went to eat with the family for Karen's birthday.

Nursery colors and bedding have been decided. Black and white bedding with lime green minky dot. The skirt is a black background with a paisley pattern. The outside of the bumper is a white background with a black damask pattern. The inside of the bumper will have material from the skirt and the green minky dot, all with black trim. Curtains have not been decided yet. I'm not sure if I should go with black and white curtains or something with the pink or green. I thought I would mix some lime green and dark pink accents around the room. We are still searching for a dresser.