Monday, September 8, 2008


Wrong or right, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a crib! I know that I had my heart settled on white, but I was thinking that we may have to use this crib for a second child instead of buying their own. The white crib that I adored was very sexist, as in it looked only like a girl, and the other white cribs that I could use for either or did not live up to that one in my mind. So, I decided to go with the espresso color and this lovely crib.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday was the end of what seemed to be a five day week! I happily drove away from school with the knowledge that I would not have to return until Mon. Jeff and I had plans to get together with Jeremy and Stephanie, whom we haven't "hung out with" in a while. We decided to eat at Chili's and head back to Jeremy and Steph's house to see their new bedroom furniture and continue our conversation from supper. We didn't get home until about 1:00 a.m. We always have so much to talk about when we get together with them. We had a great time!
WOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE! GO HOGS! Jeff's cousin and her husband were generous enough to let us have their four tickets for the game on Sat., since they are in Pennsylvania at the moment. Amber and I have been hunting tickets together, so I was very excited that we lucked out! I was equally excited that Amber and John were able to go on such short notice. On the way to the stadium we stopped by Pickles and Icecream to check out some baby stuff, then it was off to call the hogs. We met up with Andrea and Mackey (they were tailgating) before the game. We headed into the stadium only to be sent away, because Jeff's ticket had the stub removed from the bottom. Needless to say this almost put a damper on our gaming experience. However, we went to the office and he spoke with some guy named Charlie, whom must have been the man to see since the lady at the gate said "Oh, Charlie signed it.", when we returned. So, all was well and we made our way to our seats. A nail biter to the end, the Hogs won and we were satisfied with the win no matter how ugly it was. We met back up with Andrea and Mackey on the way to the car, and headed home.
Today, I was up bright and early. I took my time drinking my decaffeinated coffee on the patio, called my dad, mom, and brothers, ate a bowl of cereal, ordered the crib, and headed to get groceries. Jeff on the other hand slept in, but had tons to do when he got up! He mowed the yard, burned his calories, and is tearing the old carpet out as we speak to make room for the new and improved on Mon. All in all it was a full weekend. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is worse than moving

Jeff and I spent the weekend upending our house. We removed every bit of furniture, junk, and odds and ends from the two spare bedrooms. We crammed it all into the living room and the kitchen. We will be getting new carpet in the nursery and the "man cave" next week. Next, we have to determine where to put the things that were in the "nursery" that we don't want to get rid of. We are quickly outgrowing our house and the baby isn't even here yet! Jeff exclaimed "This is worse than moving!"
We made our monthly trip to the Doc. today. Everything is "on cruise control" as the Dr. reported. I weighed a whopping 105.6 lbs. I seem to be averaging 3 lbs a month according to each Dr. visit. Baby Camilla or Clara Grace's heartbeat was 154 bpm. "Couldn't ask for better," according to our nurse. She is moving more and more each day.
After the Dr. we ran to Barton's to check the ETA on carpet installation. By next Tues. we should have brand new carpet! Next, we headed to the mall to exchange a shirt and buy new lotion from Bath and Body. Our last stop (which should've been our first since the it was on the same street as the Dr.) was Wilcoxson's to look at yet more cribs. I KNOW! I KNOW! They had one of my choices in stock (the one shown in white on my older posts). The other choice is from JCPenny, but they had one that was similar in style and compatible in price. Alas, I did not take pictures. Anywho, we had a busy afternoon and made it home about 7:00. Now to relax and rejuvenate for another exciting day of teaching and learning!