Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Business

I realize that it has been about 2 months since I have posted, and I apologize profusely. We are scheduled to be induced on Mon., Jan. 5th. I am not sure why we are inducing, except that we think the doc might be worried about the baby getting to large for a natural birth if we wait much longer. My actual due date is tomorrow. At my last appt. on Mon. I was "pretty close to 3 cm." So far, not much happening. I think she is content to stay where she is. I think I may have been feeling some contractions (tighting, etc.), but not painful and I am not uncomfortable physically, just mentally. Since this is my first expereince at child birth I am unsure about what is happening with my body. Because of this I am worried that something may be happening and I would miss the warning signs. I am hoping that she decides to come willingly. However, regardless we should have a brand new baby girl on Mon.


Stacy said...

You posted on your blog!!! So proud of you. I hope that she comes on her own too.... and it sounds quite likely based on what you are saying.... hun, when you are full term there is no such thing as FALSE contractions.... those are the real deal sister! It's miss Camilla getting ready to come meet us! Is that her name? Does she have a name yet? You are going to do GREAT!!!

amber leann said...

YAY, I'm with Stacy, you posted!! Whoo Hoo on baby girl coming on Monday at the latest. I am so ready to meet that sweet little girl, as I know you guys are as well!

Shea said...

Finally an update! I was about to give up on you! Amber's been keeping me posted. I can't wait to hear that announcement over the intercom that she's here! I'll pray that all goes well as I know it will.